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Firewall and Secure VPN Solutions

At Third-Net.Com INC, we understand the security concerns of small to mid-sized companies these days and offer our Firewall solutions. These solutions integrate with secure remote access using our VPN technologies included with the system. Please contact us if you have any questions about these services at [email protected] or use our Contact page seen on the navigation bar above.

A secure firewall and secure remote access using our VPN can save you money and lost revenue by protecting your company from authorized access. You can also save money by using our VPN products to connect two offices together over the internet intead of buying an expensive WAN (Wide Area Network) link.

We connect a new firewall onto your existing network, allowing for a secure network without redesigning your system. The setup normally only takes a day, and in many cases will speed up your network.

We also understand that security often leads to less convience. Therefore we have created a secure VPN system which is easy to use and allows companies to have remote access to their email, files, and database systems without loosing convience.

Our VPN solution is not the same as what most companies are offering. We offer a different service which allows for more security in the event that the vpn client in is a insecure location. By doing this is reduces the risk of a remote machine from breaking into your network.

We also offer additional services, including network to network VPN links to link to offices together, this service is offered free when both offices have purchased a firewall using the pricing on the left. Our intrusion detection service is not included, but is offered for an additional cost, please contact us regarding pricing for this service.

Some of our current clients have switched from other major firewall products to us, because of the increaed security and speed. Many of these clients had connection problems and availability problems with their previous provider.

Firewall Pricing is based on a network from 1 - 100 users. Contact us for a d etailed quote on larger setups or setups which require more advanced setups. Fir ewall Pricing is done is Canadian Funds.

- Setup Charge

- Monthly Maintaince Cost

Included in the Monthly Maintaince cost is basic support via email and phone, and a maximum next business day responce time. Additional support can be arrang ed, please contact us for more details.

We don't require a minimum commitment. You can cancel at anytime and you will not be billed for any time after the current month expires.

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