What's Going On Here?

(The occasional ambiguity of Bondage in Everyday Life)
Here are two pictures I found in an album of campers running around in the woods at night. I was led to the page by a search-engine hit on "gefesselt", but that turned out to be a picture of two guys bound back to back that suzieq74ca has already put in a Camp Capers albums in her club, Male Bondage in Everyday Life. I was curious to know what was going on, so before moving on I ran the page through the Babelfish translator and got these back as the captions for two of the pictures:
Was Allegra in the group of winners? The ultimate sticking tape costume jewelry...

According to the translation of the text that accompanied the photos, the campers were playing an "area game" (gelandespiel) in which they divided into teams and had to raid one another's camps to get clues to the location of a "treasure chest". Apparently taking and binding prisoners was part of the game, which was what had evidently happened to the two counselors.

There was this, at the end, that was most intriguing:

"... We made ourselves immediately on the way to be over before them there and short time later could we the treasure chest our property call and - again with the Pfadiheim - enjoyed we edible contents of the chest, spoke with the colleagues and colleagues from stocks and had fun at sticking tape (gaeu Timber...)."

Now those pictures take on a different look. Behind the grinning girl is a guy pulling out a length of duct tape, and the question in the caption now sounds ironic: If Allegra was on the winning team, then why is she being tied up? In the picture on the right, her hands are behind her, the guy is pulling out another length of tape and her grin looks more nervous and apprehensive. The girl between them has a strip of what appears to be the same tape around her forehead, and if that's not her hand holding what appears to be a bra, then is she tied up too?

Of course, it could be that the guy was just providing duct-tape headbands for the girls and Allegra didn't want one. I prefer my interpretation of the "fun at sticking tape" that they enjoyed at the end of the game ...


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